Mold Development

Our mold room is completely equipped with a series of accurate instruments for mold making. Well-organized equipment as well as scholar engineers are one hundred percent ready to make custom required molds. The mold room has lessened our problems for finding punctual mold makers who are well-tuned by our specific industrial rubber molds.

Step 1: Access required specs

  • Technical and Geometrical specifications are sent by our customers.
  • Arvin Steel Rubber Co offers technical examination and proposal
  • Arvin Steel Rubber Co offers quotation

Step 2: Confirmation

  • Order confirmation
  • Mold design layout preparation
  • Mold design layout approval

Step 3: mold creation

  • Metal ordering
  • CNC Lathing
  • Mold assembly

Step 4: Mold testing

  • Test1 samples delivery
  • Sample dimension checking
  • Getting confirmation