Insisting on use of high technology equipment and machines

Constantly products quality and efficiency are significant guidelines for our firm to attain a competitive edge. We are capable of handling design, production, and packaging of a wide range of silicone and rubber products required by our national and international customers.

Most components are used in safety critical situations, including traction centers, anti-roll systems, links, bushes, mounts and bump stops. Our product scopes of applications include automobile, locomotive, and large vehicles.


The latest rail vehicle parts come to life with our expertise

Being a leading manufacturer in rail vehicle components, ASR offers a combined suite of high-quality Anti vibration technologies and products to rubber elastic elements that achieve flexible connection and elastic positioning. ASR concentrating on engineering, examination and world class testing amenities that meets the most demanding applications for mass, cost and performances. ASR is devoted to supply Innovative superior quality parts for control of vibration of the parts of Metro and Light Rails and to develop alternative solutions using 3D CAD and finite element analysis (FEA).

Oil Seals

We're mainly engaged in the research, manufacturing, and selling of seals for a variety of applications: industrial motor, automotive starter motor and gearbox.

ASR Oil Seals: Features

  • Light-weight, compact and energy saving
  • High sealing performance by optimum lip design
  • Low heat generation and long service lift by highly self-lubrication rubber materials
  • High sealing performance and long service life by hydrodynamics ribs